Monday, 29 October 2012

Bailey's First Show

We went to the first of the UK agility East Anglia winter series today in Littleport. I was hoping that Bailey would cope at a show without freaking out and that when he was in the ring he wouldn't run out to someone he knew or jump all over the judge! Well we achieved all that and more. We ran in two classes, nursery agility and beginners steeple chase. In the nursery class we were eliminated as he broke his wait and I took him back and started again and later I shouted left and he responded brilliantly the only trouble being I meant right!! We did much better in the steeple chase coming 3rd with our clear round, I'm so proud of him and he had a ball. Lily was fantastic in her supporting role and helped keep him calm. Well done Bailey!

      Bailey with his rosette
   Bailey with his rosette
Post competition nap!


Saturday, 28 July 2012

12 Upright Weaves!

All our practice seems to have paid off and Bailey can now do all 12 weaves, I'm so proud of him!

Now we will have to take the weaves 'on the road' as advised by our trainer so he gets used to doing them in different places. People will think I'm mad!

Monday, 16 July 2012

Almost Upright Weaves and a Jump!

Bailey's weaves are really coming on now, he's not consistent yet but we're getting closer, a few more dry days might help!! Here's a short video showing his progress.

He enjoyed a swim half way through a lovely long walk to Heartwood on Sunday but poor old Lily had to make do with a short walk as she cut her pad open last week and we are trying to keep it dry and clean as far as possible. It is healing but paws always take so long.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

At last my v weaves have arrived! The videos show Bailey on the fourth day having had 3 to 4 sessions per day lasting less then 5 minutes. With some help from the manners minder he is doing really well and as always he's so enthusiastic!

on lead

off lead

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Bailey at Agility Class

We've had a busy weekend in Derbyshire where the dogs have had a ball running up and down hills that they hardly seem to notice but often leave us breathless! The weather was better there than it was back at home and it was even warm and dry enough to sit outside in the garden on Sunday!
Today Bailey has had an agility lesson which Patrick was able to come and video for me. We have worked very hard on getting him to stop on the contacts because his instinct is to jump off before he hits the contact area, (well it's quicker that way!!) Anyway I will post a couple of videos here so that you can have a look at how he's getting on.

The second one shows him doing channel weaves but he will hopefully be ready for the normal weave poles soon, he definitely has a nice wiggle action going on!

Looking at these really shows me how much he's improved, which is all down to our brilliant trainer Rhoda, she really knows what makes him tick. 

I am going to take Lily to the hydro therapy pool soon so will let you know how she gets on once we've been.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

A Tale About A Tail

When Bailey is happy, excited, anxious or most states in between he wags his tail frantically, I'm not exaggerating it is frantic! Surprisingly it took almost three years but he eventually had a stress injury on it. It appeared to be getting better but sadly my father-in-law died at the end of November and Bailey is very sensitive to atmosphere and moods, he was also out of routine which can make him anxious, (I know, he needs therapy!!) so during a two hour car journey he chewed his injured tail. It became slightly infected and after a course of antibiotics we almost cured it but one night he got the bandage off and chewed it again! This time despite two courses of stronger antibiotics and a manuka honey dressing the infection won and sadly Bailey lost about four inches off the end of his tail. After two months of wearing an Elizabethan collar and so many trips to the vets he is collar free and couldn't care a less about his shorter tail or his new nickname of Stumpy! He still wags but hits far fewer things and our legs don't get whipped in the process anymore. It hasn't effected his balance when jumping and using the agility equipment either. The funniest thing was watching him try to get through doorways etc with the collar on, it took him a long time to allow enough space to get through poor boy!

 Not such a Happy Christmas!
It looks better now the hair's grown back   

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Lily and Bailey

This is the lovely Lily (posh name 'Fenflyer Fine Valley') she was born on the 9th June 2006. She is a laid back lab who loves attention, people and other dogs and like a true lab she adores the water, in fact she is only really naughty around water and food and stopping her from rushing to either is almost impossible! Walks by the local river in the summer when people are picnicking are not a good idea as I tend to end up doing my manic woman impression. Lily enjoys agility although a bad hip score means we just do it for fun and only jump small jumps and don't do weaves, she regularly takes group classes and enjoys the social side of things as much as running courses.  

Meet bonkers Bailey! (posh name 'Copperwood') Bailey was born on the 7th February 2009. He isn't so laid back, he is very difficult to keep calm outside of the house and when we have visitors, he is very excitable but also anxious but he is also loyal, loving and so desperate to please that once you calm him down he is very obedient. Unfortunately he shows fear aggression when faced with dogs he doesn't know although its all bluster to get them to leave him alone! I can name almost 20 dogs that he doesn't have a problem with as he has learnt to trust them. Bailey's favourite things are balls and agility as well as people and of course Lily who he really adores. He would lick someone to within an inch of their life given the chance! Hopefully I will be able to compete with him in the agility ring in the not to distant future (if we can cross the small hurdle of jumping up at the judge to lick them before we start!) he definitely has potential and is very fast.