Monday, 29 October 2012

Bailey's First Show

We went to the first of the UK agility East Anglia winter series today in Littleport. I was hoping that Bailey would cope at a show without freaking out and that when he was in the ring he wouldn't run out to someone he knew or jump all over the judge! Well we achieved all that and more. We ran in two classes, nursery agility and beginners steeple chase. In the nursery class we were eliminated as he broke his wait and I took him back and started again and later I shouted left and he responded brilliantly the only trouble being I meant right!! We did much better in the steeple chase coming 3rd with our clear round, I'm so proud of him and he had a ball. Lily was fantastic in her supporting role and helped keep him calm. Well done Bailey!

      Bailey with his rosette
   Bailey with his rosette
Post competition nap!


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